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MI Time in Nassau, Bahamas

Inger Taylor

Posted on April 29 2018

Being born and raised in Santa Barbara, California I am no stranger to a sandy beach and ocean waters.  I love both and never like to be too far from either.  As wonderful as our Southern California beaches are, I’ve come to have an appreciation for the ocean waters in the Bahamas.  There is something so reassuring about such crystal clear turquoise waters that soothes the soul.  Mike and I took this trip solo.  As much as we love our girls, it’s great to get away and have some time to ourselves every now and then.

The Lyford Cay Club in Nassau was an unassuming experience that offered tranquil white sandy beaches and serene ocean waters.  The balcony overlooked the beach and we enjoyed watching the ocean water change color as the clouds blew by and the sun came and went.  The temperatures were mid 80s and the humidity was relatively high.

We dined on a lot of conch and Mike enjoyed some rum dums.  We relaxed on the beach, napped, read books, played tennis, played cards, did some bike riding, snorkeled, and had many long uninterrupted conversations.  It was great… sometimes we did nothing at all and just enjoyed the sound of silence and the gentle waves lapping up on the shore.

We have promised to take the girls one day so they can enjoy a different beach and hunt for sea shells to add to our ever expanding collection.  We have also promised ourselves we’ll go back to enjoy another solo trip without the girls because Mike and I really like our MI time.



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