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Polanco, Mexico City...MI (Mike and Inger) Time

Inger Taylor

Posted on April 29 2018

Mike and I loved our quick trip to Polanco, Mexico City last year.  It was only two nights and three days, but it was enough to have some time away from the girls and check out a few sights and enjoy some great meals.  

If you want to shop, there are endless options.  If you want to eat, there plenty of hot spots to explore.  If you want history and museums, it’s all there waiting for you.  We did a bit of everything and had to keep it high level because it was a such a quick trip. 

High on our list was a visit to Teotihuacán.  Our hotel hooked us up with a friendly and knowledgeable driver and guide, Miguel, and we were off for a day of adventure.  Once we arrived, we realized there was no shortage of tourists or stray dogs.  Our guide walked with us through the Avenue of the Dead, pointing out all the Aztec sacrificial altars that adorned both sides. 

Once we reached the Pyramid of the Sun, Miguel decided to stay behind and not make the ascent to the top.  He said he’d had a cold recently and wasn’t up to the climb.  We were on our own. 

We made our way up slowly.  The narrow steps, steep climb, and crowds made for a somewhat stressful climb.  Bear in mind, there are no handrails to grab onto along the way.  I just envisioned the massive man climbing up ahead of me missing a step and taking us all down with him.  It was a thought I had to work at squelching.  There is a brief section where some cable is offered, but that’s it.  The bonus here was that it was a short climb and we had cloud cover and cool temperatures. We made it to the top, enjoyed the view, took a couple bad couple selfies and made our way down.  The only way to appreciate the steepness of the pyramid is this photo of Mike trying to make his way down without incident.  I’d argue that the decent is more challenging than the ascent. 

Once at the bottom we checked out the Pyramid of the Moon, the Citadel, and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl.  I was completely impressed with some of the artwork that still remained…

Our favorite meal, hands down, was at Au Pied du Cochen.  The best French food we’d had in quite some time.  Best ambiance in a restaurant would have to go to Hacienda de Los Morales, but the food was only satisfactory.  

Another highlight of the trip was a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology.  Seeing the Piedra del Sol was impressive among all the other ancient artifacts.  Getting up close and personal with Quetzalcoatl was intimidating, to say the least.

Short and sweet, but worth the quick trip… we can’t wait to get back!



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