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Venice... Abbot Kinney

Inger Taylor

Posted on February 21 2018

Mike was born and raised in L.A. so we love to pop up there with the girls even if it's just for the day.  Abbot Kinney in Venice was a fun afternoon stroll on a recent trip north.  So many great boutiques, so much to see... shopping abounds. 

Mike really wanted to check out the Stronghold for jeans and it didn't disappoint.  Originally founded in 1849 in L.A. as a denim manufacturer... closed in 1949 and thankfully, revived in 2004.  Made in U.S.A, off the rack or made to measure - high quality goods.  I loved the leather coats Oona and I tried on.  Went in for jeans and seriously considered walking out with a leather jacket.  Don't worry, I didn't... I practiced some restraint.  And besides, I'm not cool enough to pull off a leather jacket.  xoxo


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