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Taylor Trove Family Travel to Venice, Italy

Inger Taylor

Posted on February 21 2018

If Venice, California isn't for you, there's always Venice, Italy.  That was also a great day trip!  We were staying in a Villa near Florence so a day trip by car was doable.  So Neve got carsick and Mike got a speeding ticket, but it was totally worth it!  


A massive tourist destination, extremely difficult to navigate, but incredibly beautiful.  Why we brought a stroller, I have no clue, since we climbed tons of stairs to cross countless bridges... the stroller was useless.  I wore Vendela most of the day in the carrier... have baby, will travel.  She couldn't complain... she had a free ride and I shared my food with her!


And we all loved the gondola ride... super touristy, but had to be done.  It made all the girls soooo happy.  Too bad Iona slept the whole way!  I guess Venice wore her out.  xoxo -Inger

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